Orange County pressure washing experts warn against the danger of DIY pressure washing. Pressure washing is a cleaning technique that utilizes extremely hot and pressurized water. Additionally, a variety of different chemicals or cleaning solutions are used in pressure washing; most of which are dangerous even before they are heated to scorching temperatures. Pressure washing a home can rid its exteriors of dirt, grime, insect husks, mold, and even graffiti though great care needs to be taken in the operation of pressure washing equipment.

Most of the time it is trained professionals whom operate pressure washers, be them small or large. These individuals receive extensive and very rigorous training in order to ensure that they don’t damage either themselves or the homes they are tasked with cleaning. Conversely, laypersons have little operational knowledge other than that which is contained within rented operation manuals…and they seldom read those. This lack of knowledge and experience can be the catalyst for a variety of different damages.


Bodily Damage

Although the temperature of the water being expelled by a pressure washer varies from unit to unit some units raise the temperature of water to a frightening and alarming 311°F. At this temperature even sitting water can be dangerous and even lethal. Laypersons with little to no experience in operating a pressure washer run the risk of spraying both themselves at others with blistering water. Truth be told, even professionals occasionally incur burns while working. The average do-it-yourselfer may burn not only their hands and arms but legs, feet, and in worse case scenarios, backs and faces as well.

If the sheer heat of a pressure washer isn’t enough to cause you to give pause then consider the damage pressurized water can do. In many cases the injuries caused by the force of a pressure washer’s spray are much more frightening and hazardous than those caused by heat. Pressure washers utilize color coded nozzles to focus water into harder and harder sprays and many an eager homeowner has applied a nozzle that produces a very dangerous stream. Pressurized water forced into a point can not only tear through clothing but can shred human flesh and cause deep wounds on all parts of the body. Even with protective gear covering the body and head the hard sprays of a pressure washer remain minacious.

Property Damage

Without the experience and training of a professional pressure washer, laypersons run the risk of damaging their homes. Keep in mind that even the most inexpensive and smallest pressure washer can both burn and decimate the surfaces its stream comes in contact with. As pressure washers grow in size so do they in power and their capacity for destruction.

Pressure washers operated by laypersons have been known to splinter wood, rip fabric, blast paint off of surfaces and even leave burn marks behind when operated by persons with little experience behind them. The potential for serious financial damage is high when you’re dealing with pressure washers so great care should be taken in their operation.

Calling In The Professionals

Professional pressure washing services are highly effective yet dangerous to anyone who hasn’t received extensive training in their operation. They are also surprisingly inexpensive, especially when juxtaposed with the costs associated with doing the job yourself. Hiring a professional pressure washing service will not only eliminate the risk of injury to yourself but damage to your home as well. More to the point, experts complete the work much more expeditiously than any layperson. Most also utilize eco-friendly cleaning solutions in their work as well making their service safe for homeowners, their families, and their pets. While a professional pressure washes your home and restores it color and vibrancy you can spend your time doing something much more productive and/or entertaining.

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