We have teamed together with Orange Countys #1 carpet cleaning service, Millennium Carpets and Flooring.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is Millennium’s number one priority and we go to great lengths to ensure all of our customers are happy with both us and our work. In fact, so committed to customer satisfaction and excellence are we, that we grantee all of our work. Should a customer ever find him or herself unsatisfied with our efforts, we will return to clean your carpets and floors again at no additional cost.

In addition to guaranteeing our work, Millennium Carpets And Flooring places its owners on site at every job. Working along side our team of experts, our owners are there to ensure both quality and efficiency of work. They are also there so that home and business owners have someone with whom they can communicate. Our owners can answer any questions customers may have and address immediately any concerns that might come up.

Attentive And Precise

While there are certainly those professional carpet and floor cleaners that work rather haphazardly, Millennium Carpets And Flooring does things a bit differently. We never march into a home or professional building and begin cleaning carpets. Instead we lay protection down and around furniture and other items that might be susceptible to damage. In an effort to be as thorough and as precise as possible we also vacuum our customers floors long before we ever move onto deep cleaning or shampooing. This step eliminates loose debris and helps to loosen that which is stubborn or caked in. Spot cleaning is the next step in the process which addresses tough stains, spots, or areas where strong odors are present. Once spot cleaning has concluded that’s when the Rotovacs come and give our customers floors a proper cleaning. Our thorough, careful, and detailed approach to carpet and floor cleaning is a big part of what sets us apart from our competitors. We didn’t become Long Beach’s premier carpet and floor cleaner by accident.