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They’re not often given much thought but the roofs of our homes are extremely important. The roofs on our homes act as a first line of defense against weather, climate, and even pests. They are essential for both our safety and comfort and therefore deserve serious consideration when we set about thoroughly cleaning our homes. Sadly however most of us are going to place 98% of our focus on the interiors of our homes; making sure our floors, counter tops, and fixtures are clean. Left neglected long enough, a roof will begin to break down and may become a home to pests. Moreover, neglected roofs become far less efficient at controlling the climate within a home which leads to greater AC/heating use and more money out of our pockets. Aesthetically speaking, keeping our roofs clean keeps the curb appeal of our homes high and it can also help protect a roof from more serious wear and tear.

On top of a roof in the OC, cleaning the roof with our pressure washing machine


  1. Time: Is there any more resource as invaluable or irreclaimable as time? With that said, why would anyone want to spend their free time cleaning their own roof? It’s back breaking work that can consume an entire day or longer when you haven’t been trained in the job. When you hire a professional roof cleaner you’ll have an opportunity to spend your leisure time the way you want to spend it.

  2. Results: The do-it-yourselfer may bring with him/her all the gumption and determination in the world but they’ll never produce the type of results that a professional roof cleaner does. The reasons for this are many. These include having the proper tools, the knowledge, and the skill to do the job properly. More to the point, professionals will complete their work in just a fraction of the time it takes John or Jane Q. Home/Business Owner to the same job. Although completion time varies depending on the size and condition of a roof, professionals usually finish within a matter of hours rather than days. Professional roof cleaners leave roofs completely restored and looking like new.
  3. Home/Building Protection: A well maintained roof functions as a protective barrier against a great many things. Chief among these being weather. Precipitation on a roof that’s received attention from a professional cleaner will properly direct running water to a home’s or commercial building’s rain gutters. Conversely, roofs left dirty or in a state of disrepair will often allow pooling of water which then sits and slowly soaks into a home. This pooled water can eventually lead to pests and mold, both of which cost a great deal more to deal with than does having your roof cleaned. Perhaps best of all as it pertains to protection, professionals apply antifouling solutions to the roofs they clean at the end of their work. This additional protection helps ensure that a roof, regardless of the type, remains more resistant to dirt and damage than it would without it.

  4. Curb Appeal: People that work hard and sacrifice in order to own a home will naturally want to do all they can to keep their home as clean as possible. Sure, they’ll do the routine house work we all do throughout the week but they’ll often focus on keeping the curb appeal of their home as high as possible. This includes keeping not only windows and walls clean but the roof of their home as well. A clean roof is especially important on homes that have designer or elaborate roofing installed. Should a homeowner be looking to put their home on the market, they’ll find a clean roof significantly boosts not just their home’s curb appeal but it’s value as well.