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Cleaning and Functional Screens

Aliso Viejo Window Cleaning ExpertsMany do not often given much thought to window screens though in some aspects they are just as important as a home's windows. This is especially true throughout the spring, summer, and early fall months when homeowners can open windows in order to rush fresh air to their home in the mornings and evenings while at the same time keeping pests and debris out of their home. Unfortunately many homeowners, even those who regularly clean their windows, neglect their window screens. Although not overly expensive or difficult to repair/replace, most homeowners will simply leave broken or torn screens as they are. This makes opening windows anytime risky. There are also those homeowners who have perfectly intact but dirty screens which also makes opening windows a risky affair.

What's On Your Screens?

Neglected window screens can contain dead insects, dirt, dust, pollen, and a whole host of other irritants that can make opening a window something someone shouldn't do. Fortunately cleaning window screens isn't the arduous task some believe it or make it out to be. Homeowners can use the following tips to get their screens clean and ready for summer.

First Thing's First

The first thing homeowners need to do when they decide to clean their screens is to remove them from their windows. Some homeowners may erroneously believe that leaving a screen in place and wiping it down or squirting it off with a garden hose will do the trick. Nothing could be further from the truth as these two things can actually exacerbate the issue. Removing the screens from their windows not only helps homeowners clean both sides of their screens adequately but helps protect their windows as well.

Labeling Screens

After screens have been removed from their windows homeowners will want to begin labeling or marking each screen so that reinstallation goes smoothly. This can be done with a marker, colored tapes, or anything that homeowner has lying around and will help them remember where each screen belongs.

Preparing A Cleaning Solution

After labeling has been completed individuals will need to concoct a homemade cleaning solution that is both safe for them and their screens. This can be done by mixing 1 cup of household ammonia, a tablespoon or so of dish detergent, and 3 cups of water. After vigorously mixing it the solution it should be poured into some sort of spray bottle and kept close by.

Time For A Bath

After an individual has a solution mixed and ready to go they'll need to move their screens into a bathtub and run some warm water over each one, one at a time. The water will help remove a great deal of the uncleanliness from screens but it will be the spray solution that finishes the job. After a screen has been run under some water an individual will need to liberally spray screen and use a gentle scrub brush to remove any lingering grime or dirt. Following this step individuals will once more need to run a screens underwater to remove any remaining residue or excess spray that might cling to their screens. Screens should then be shaken gently and left out to air dry.

No Time For Cleaning Screens?

One screens have been completely dried via air, they can be reinstalled with a little time and a little care. Of course not everybody has the patience nor the time to clean their screens themselves. Such individuals can contact Stanley Window Care and inquire about our screen cleaning and repair services. These services are affordable, highly effective, and designed to save homeowners time and money. A member of our knowledgeable and courteous staff will be happy to answer questions and even schedule a cleaning.

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