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Do It Yourself Window Cleaning: A Pain In The Glass

Orange County Window Cleaning ExpertsIt's not uncommon for homeowners to at least consider cleaning their own windows though after some frustrations and spending an entire day outdoors they often hire a professional to take up the task. Those homeowners whom remain vigilant however will need to keep several things in mind prior to and during the cleaning of their homes windows. For getting these things wrong can cost homeowners money and can result in unneeded stress.

Homeowners who insist on cleaning their homes windows must first consider the type of glasses they are going to be working with. While it might certainly appear as though most homes utilize the same type of glass in their windows nothing could be more incorrect. Homeowners who erroneously believe their glass is the same as that of their neighbors or the same type of glass they found in a previous home run the risk of damaging their homes windows or at the very least not being able to properly clean their windows. If a homeowner wishes to not just clean their windows but protect them as well they need to know the differences between float glass, annealed glass, heat strengthened glass, and low E glass. Granted, some homes incorporate other types of glass though these tend to be the most common. Different types of glass require different tools and chemicals if they are to be cleaned properly and preserved.

Even should a homeowner understand the differences between all of the aforementioned types of glass they still must either be in possession of or purchase the tools necessary to properly clean their homes windows. While squeegees and dry cloths are certainly on the short list of things needed for cleaning windows different homes will require different tools and things like extension bars and specialized squeegees and chemicals may be needed. While store-bought chemicals work well for things like mirrors, commercial grade chemicals are often needed if a homeowner wants the job to be done properly and safely. These tools and chemicals are available to the public though they are far more expensive than many homeowners realize and/or are willing to pay for.

Should a homeowner possess extensive knowledge about the different types of glass used windows and have all of their commercial grade tools and chemicals at the ready they still face the arduous task of actually cleaning their windows. A homeowner is likely to clean their homes windows during their time off. Even the most ardent of homeowners however find out rather quickly that a nonprofessional window cleaning can consume not just a single day when an entire weekend. In some cases a do-it-yourself window cleaning project can consume multiple weekends. Climbing up ladders, the time spent in direct sunlight, the cold, and the wind can all wreak havoc on the mind and body of a homeowner. Moreover the results that most laypersons gets when they clean their own windows is a far cry from that which is delivered by a professional window cleaner.

For all of the aforementioned reasons the vast majority of homeowners elect to hire a professional to clean their homes windows. Not only because professionals provide superior results but because professionals can complete the job in a matter of hours and doing so means they can spend their off time doing something much more productive and even fun. Fortunately the costs associated with professional window cleaners are much lower than what many homeowners believe. The costs are also much more fair than they ever have been. An example of this are the professional window cleaners that charge a flat rate and those that charge per window rather than by the clock. Despite there being numerous advantages to hiring a professional window cleaner and a great number of detriments in taking a do-it-yourself approach, there are still homeowners who insist on cleaning your own windows. Good luck to them and their windows.


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