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How To Clean Mildew From Canvas Awnings

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How To Clean mildew From Canvas Awnings

Awnings are wonderful options/additions at a home. Not only do they block sun and provide protection from the elements but they boost the aesthetic appeal of a home as well. As is the case with all other home related things however, awnings must be cleaned on a regular basis if they are to remain in a functional and beautiful state. Because awnings sit on the outside of a home, they are subjected to a great deal of abuse. The sun, heat, cold, moisture, and falling debris all plague awnings and work to dull their appearance and even compromise their integrity.

With most homeowners focused on removing loose debris from their awnings, more dangerous and damaging things like mildew often go overlooked. mildew is particular dangerous because it grows and spreads easily. Being a fungus in the order Erysiphales, mildew grows quickly on dead leaves, wood, and even certain fabrics. When mildew takes root in an awning eradicating it can be troublesome though homeowners will need to remove all of it in order to preserve their awnings. The following tips come directly from professional awning cleaners and can help you rid your awnings of this growth.

Gathering Supplies

In order to successfully remove mildew from an awning you will first need a variety of tools.

Getting To Work

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Cleaning awnings is fairly straight forward though those with mildew require a great deal more effort. Never rush when attempting to remove mildew from your awnings and repeat the scrubbing process until all mildew is removed. Of course there are instances where mildew is obstinate and is overly difficult to remove from those awnings that have been left neglected for long periods of time. In such scenarios it behooves homeowners to contact a professional awning cleaner for help. Their services are relatively inexpensive and nobody produces the types of results that professionals do. They will also complete the work in a fraction of the time a homeowner normally does. Furthermore, calling in professionals allows homeowners to do something much more entertaining with their time.