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Fully Insured, Licensed, Bonded, & Workmans Comp Coverage

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Aliso Viejo Window Cleaning ExpertsHere at Stanley Window Cleaning we pride ourselves on our ability to not only deliver the very best in Orange County window cleaning services but an unbridled, unparalleled, and comprehensive customer experience as well. While other orange county window washing services claim to place emphasis on the customer we take it one step further by ensuring our customers have peace of mind knowing that we have them completely covered should any accidents occur on the job.

We are a fully insured, licensed and bonded company and we also carry Workman's Comp coverage as well. What this means for clients of Stanley window Cleaning is that they won't get sued if anyone falls or gets hurt on the clients property. Worker's Compensation insurance is required for any and all employees and it protects the homeowner from any responsibility of injury that might occur on the property. Not only is this type of coverage important to have but it's also required by law.

While most Orange County window cleaning services are licensed, insured, and bonded many do not carry Worker's Compensation because it is extremely expensive. Furthermore many of the companies that do carry Worker's Compensation often charge their clients a great deal more than those that don't if for no other reason than to give the impression that they're serious about the work they do and that they're serious about their clients protection.

So you might be asking yourself how does Stanley Window Cleaning cover all of its customers completely given the hefty cost of Workman's Comp? The answer is actually very simple and that answer is the owners of Stanley Window Cleaning are working along side their crew. Our customers don't pay for owners and executives sitting behind a desk somewhere in office, they're paying only for the work that's being done. Many companies will attempt to sell their employees on the old adage that says "you get what you pay for" but that's simply a way for them to make you think that you have to pay a certain amount if you want full coverage. This essentially translates into the owners and executives wanting to work less and yet make more money.

We started Stanley Window Cleaning knowing that we would be hands-on throughout its existence and knowing that we would never charge our clients for more than the work that they've requested. Not only that but we enjoy being the owners on-site and it gives our clients peace of mind knowing that we have a personal stake in making sure the job gets done correctly.