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Commercial Window Cleaning

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Orange County Commercial Window Cleaning

Orange County commercial window cleaning experts. We have the right equipment to get to the tallest of buildings.Commercial buildings are places of business and therefore must be kept in tip top shape day in and day out. Both owners of commercial office buildings and business owners go to great lengths to ensure that their building or office looks their best every day. One common practice is the hiring of floor cleaners and janitorial services that arrive at night to clean and prepare a commercial building for its next day of operation. Another involves hiring landscapers or gardeners so as to keep the outside of a business looking tidy, clean, and well kept. A third option individuals have is to hire Orange County commercial window cleaners. Professional window and glass cleaners possess all of the tools needed to leave a commercial building sparkling and resplendent. Moreover professional window cleaners address the needs of both window exteriors as well as their interiors and can complete their work quickly without ever disrupting a business' operation.

While one might automatically assume that a professional window cleaner only cleans windows, nothing could be further from the truth. Stanley Window Care for example can be hired by businesses to not only clean their windows but their solar panels, glass enclosures, signs, and any other glass on location. We arrive on site with all of the tools necessary to complete any job and can restore all of the aforementioned to proper working order. In the case of solar panels, clean glass allows them to collect and convert a great deal more sunlight than do dirty panels. Our team of experts will leave all of the glass at your place of business looking its best. You only get one chance to make a first impression in business and clean windows and glass go a long way in helping to create a great one.

Stanley Window Care arrives at every job site in vehicles that are easily identified by our company logo. Furthermore, our employees are uniformed so that there is never any confusion about who is and isn't a part of our crew. Our appearance and our method of operation is wholly professional from top to bottom not only to help legitimize ourselves but so that we look professional while working on your business. Even if it is an after hours job, you won't want persons whom look like the average Joe to be associated with your building.

Orange County Commercial Window Cleaning Services

Whereas residential window cleaning is a fairly straight forward job, commercial window cleaning includes a number of obstacles, hindrances, and dangers that simply aren't there when you're cleaning a home's windows. Moreover, business and commercial building owners often have higher standards for cleanliness than do homeowners simply because their bottom line depends on it.

When professional window cleaners arrive on site at a commercial building they must first assess how to best tackle the job ahead of them. Many times splitting the crew into separate teams is the most efficient way to operate. Other times everyone will work together or there will be specialized teams whom specialize in cleaning troublesome windows. The crew must also determine exactly what tools and cleaning solutions must be used in order to work safely, efficiently, and with haste. As most commercial buildings are multi-storied and feature windows and other glass features that are difficult or completely out of reach, a professional window cleaner and his/her team will need to utilize ladders and in some cases lifts in order to reach those troublesome areas. Once a comprehensive assessment of a building has been taken and considered a professional window cleaning team can get to work.

Window cleaners will often work on troublesome areas first and avoid those windows that are directly facing the sun when they start. Allowing the sun to pass their work area ensure that windows are cleaned properly the first time and that there will not be any streaks or smudges left behind. The sun can dry even the wettest of windows quickly and cleaning solutions leave behind residue if they aren't used and removed promptly from windows. Sun drenched windows or certain sides of buildings are addressed last for this very reason.

As a professional window cleaner begins his/her work, they will start the process by removing loose debris from a window. This is normally done with a soft dry cloth but might also include rubbing alcohol if a window or group of them is especially dirty. Once all loose debris has been removed windows are then rinsed with water. This rinsing not only helps rid windows of stray debris that a cloth might have missed but it also prepares them for the application of cleaning solutions. Next, cleaning solutions are then sprayed ubiquitously over windows. In the vast majority of scenarios this solution is immediately used in scrubbing but may also be left to sit for several minutes if it is deemed that windows are in need of a deeper cleaning. At any rate, with the solution now on windows a professional will gently scrub your windows with a soft cloth, a flat weaved sponge, or a soft brush designed specifically for window cleaning. After a thorough yet gentle scrubbing, cleaning solutions are squeegeed away. Some types of glass require an additional rinse following the application of a cleaning solution but most don't and a window can be left to dry afterwards. The result of this process is shiny, reflective, and radiant looking windows.

Although not every professional window cleaning service offers such a service, Stanley Window Care also addresses the needs of your window frames, sills, and tracts too. What good is clean window glass when the rest of a window is left dirty? Window sills and tracts often play host to a great deal of dirt, debris, and dead household pests. In a professional environment you do not want customers, employees, nor visitors to your office seeing such things. When ignored, dirty window sills and tracts make a business or commercial building look unkempt. Stanley Window Care is committed to helping your business building looks its absolute best which is why sills and tracts are cleaned in conjunction with the glass portion of your windows.

While not all commercial structures feature windows with screens, those that do will need those addressed as well. It matters not how well a window is cleaned, a screen left filthy will immediately sully a window which can actually make matters worse as drying windows essentially act as a lighthouse for airborne debris. In addition to cleaning window glass, sills, and frames, Stanley Window Care also cleans screens at commercial structures. Properly cleaned, treated, and left to dry screens won't contribute to any marring of your windows. Instead, clean screens will protect your windows by acting as their first line of defense against the elements and pests.

Unbeknownst to many whom hire a professional window cleaner is the fact that pros don't simply clean dry windows...they protect them as well. Stanley Window Care applies a protective spray to windows during the cleaning process which, when dried, helps repel dirt and other types of debris. It also makes windows more resilient against stains, smudges, spots, and streaks. In short, this protectant will help your windows stay cleaner for longer periods of time and keep them looking great in between our visits.

In today's business environment going "green" is not only responsible but it's expected. Stanley Window Care utilizes only those tools and window cleaning solutions that have been certified "green". All of our cleaning solutions are non toxic and safe for your building as well as its visitors and employees. We not only seek to protect our customers but the environment in which they work as well.

Proper Equipment To Get The Tallest Buildings

In order to properly clean commercial buildings, professional window cleaning firms must be in possession of equipment that will allow them to reach multiple stories and out of the way places. Stanley Window Care not only utilizes poles and extenders in their commercial window washing work but specialized ladders, lifts, and scaffolding as well. Our team arrives at your commercial location with everything it needs to clean all of your windows both inside and out. Generally speaking, we will visit your building before we begin work in order to determine exactly what equipment will be needed so that there are no delays in our work.

Stanley Window Care also utilizes state of the art window cleaning equipment at all of it's jobs. This includes everything from complex pressure washing equipment to simple squeegees and soft cloths. Spray bottles are holstered to every one of our employees as are all their other tools. These tool belts save time by eliminating the need to climb up and down ladders as additional tools/items are needed. Moreover we carry our own refuse containers so that we don't have to sully your place of business with our garbage and waste. When our team works on the interiors of your commercial buildings booties are worn so as to keep your business' flooring clean. We will also lay down protective coverings whilst working indoors so that our work produces no collateral damage.

What Type Of Buildings Can We Clean?

Many of our potential commercial clients hesitate in contacting us simply because they aren't sure if their building is serviceable by our team. In its years of service, Stanley Window Care has cleaned the windows of hotels, office buildings, restaurants, retail stores, multi-storied complexes, apartment buildings, and many other types of commercial structures. There is virtually no building that our team can not clean.

Why Choose Stanley Window Care?

With so many different Orange County Commercial Window Cleaning firms available for hire, selecting one can prove to be an arduous task. Stanley Window Care is Southern California's premier commercial window cleaner for good reason. For starters we guarantee all of our work, and in two ways too. Our base guarantee focuses on customer satisfaction. Should one of our commercial customers ever find themselves dissatisfied, we will return and re-clean their windows at no additional cost. The other guarantee Stanley offers is its 7 day rain guarantee. This protects our customers against any and all precipitation the might fall and befoul their windows within 7 days of us completing our work. Should it rain and affect a customer's windows we will return and re-do the job for free.

Being that customer service is so important to us we also place our owners at every job site. They arrive with our team and remain until a job has been completed so as to foster trust in us and for peace of mind. Our owners ensure that work goes smoothly and is completely in a timely fashion. Furthermore, all of our employees must pass extensive background checks and exhaustive training before they are ever sent to clean your windows. Our stringent employment and training processes translate into high quality service that you won't find at any other window cleaning firm. To further instill confidence in potential customers, we are fully licensed, bonded, and insured for your protection.

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