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Residential Pressure Washing

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Orange County Residential Pressure Washing

Orange County Residential pressure washing expertsThere are a numerous reasons to have your home, or at least parts of it, pressured washed. You may have seen professionals pressure washing commercial buildings, walls around your neighborhood, and even parking garages. This might have even lead you to believe that pressure washing is only applicable in commercial settings. In reality however, pressure washers can be used to great effect at a home. Orange County residential pressure washing services can address several issues around a home and in ways no other cleaning method can.


Areas such as walkways leading to and from a home can become dirty very quickly. Moreover, walkways are notoriously laborious to clean because of the oil, shoe markings, dirt, debris from surrounding foliage, and pets that affect such a surface. With it's high temperature spay and potent cleaning solution, a pressure washer can easily rectify all of the above named problems and return a walkway to a pristine state. Given that walkways at a home are one of the first experiences homeowners and visitors have with a home they should always be kept in tremendous and impressive shape.


Driveways are one of those areas at a home that really take a beating over even short amounts of time. Not only are people walking across driveways depositing oils and dirt as they walk both shoed and barefoot but cars drive over them en route to the garage and to the street. Some homeowners may also elect to permanently park cars in their driveway which sullies a driveway even more. Oil and other vehicular fluids not only discolor driveways but can set and become stains if they aren't cleaned right away. Professional pressure washing equipment lifts automobile stains with ease, including those created by tires, and washes them away more effectively than any other cleaning method. Driveways can be kept looking good year round with regular professional pressure washing services.


Though they were originally designed for the purpose of sheltering cars while not in use, homeowners now use their garages in a multitude of different ways. Some homeowners leave their cars parked outside and turn their garage into a large storage space. Others convert their garages into a machine shop or repair station complete with a plethora of tools and workbenches. There are also those individuals whom use their garage as a laundromat with stations for washing, drying, folding, hanging, and even ironing. While all of these uses are wildly different they all have one thing in common. They all defile garages with dirt, oils, chemicals, spills, pests, mold, cobwebs, etc. Regardless of what they are being used for, a garage can be extremely troublesome to clean. Hiring a professional pressure washer however will relieve your garage of all it's surface problems. A professional can have a garage looking and smelling fresh in a matter of hours and you'll be thankful you did not spend days trying to do the same work yourself.

Exterior Walls

The exterior walls of a home say a lot about a home and its owner. Dingy and dim looking walls create a grim atmosphere around a home and can cause one to doubt whether or not a homeowner takes any pride in their biggest investment. Left in a state of neglect or disrepair, a home's walls can devalue a home that might be headed to the market for sale and they can draw negative attention from home owners associations.

Try as they might, homeowners can never get the type of results needed when they attempt to clean the exterior walls of their home on their own. Not only do laypersons generally lack the knowledge and experience needed to restore their walls to an original-like state but they lack the tools and solutions as well. In order to remove years worth of grime, caked on debris, dead pests, and the many types of stains that affect the walls of a house you'll need a professional touch. The truck mounted and mobile industrial grade pressure washers utilized by professionals spray harder, hotter, and can apply a mixture of cleaning chemicals all at once to a home's walls. Not only that but after walls have been cleaned by a professional, their equipment also applies a protective coating to a home's walls which helps keep them cleaner and looking good in between professional visits. A homeowner can keep their home and by extension, their paint looking like new with the help of regular pressure washing treatments.

Graffiti Removal

It doesn't happen to the majority of homeowners but graffiti or "tagging" is left on a home by unscrupulous and calloused individuals. No matter whether graffiti is left on walls, windows, walkways, or a home's brick can be nearly impossible to remove, especially without damage to the affected surface. A professional pressure washing service however can safety remove graffiti from any surface with relative ease and without causing damage to said surface. In fact, so effective are pressure washers on graffiti that defaced surfaces are often returned to a new-like state and no one will ever be able to tell that graffiti was once present.


Very few think of windows when they think of windows but there are scenarios in which a pressure washer can be of great help to a home's windows. When windows are ignored for long periods of time any debris sitting on them can become caked and even absorbed into the glass creating a stained and muddled look. Windows that reside in moisture heavy environments will take on calcium deposits as water is constantly being applied and dried. Windows on the sides of a house are often overlooked or completely forgotten and can become home to some very nasty pests. Spiders love to build webs on and around such windows. Removing these pests by hand is both nerve racking and dangerous but a pressure washer can remove both them and/or their abandoned webs and messes. More to the point, professionals utilize a number of different nozzles and solutions in their work meaning pressure washers won't scratch or damage windows in any way.

Orange County Residential Pressure Washing Services

Stanley Window Care has been pressure washing houses in and around Orange County for years and in that has seen it all. Everything that can tarnish the look of a home can and does happen. Our pressure washing services are designed to meet the specific and unique needs of a home. Whether your home is old, going up for sale, is a recent purchase, has been abandoned for some time, or is simply in need of a touch up, Stanley Window Care can help.

We recommend that a home's surfaces undergo pressure washing on a bi-annual basis. This is a general recommendation however and some homes will require more and others less. The frequency at which a home will need professional pressure washing services is determined largely on what type of climate it resides in. Homes in windy areas for example will benefit greatly from quarterly treatments as will those in areas where there is a great deal of rainfall and extreme heat. Naturally, homes in more moderate climates without any of the aforementioned to worry about will need pressure washing perhaps just once a year.

Roof Cleaning

The roof of a home acts as a proverbial first line of defense against the elements. A roof that goes uncleaned for years or decades becomes subject to mold, warping, peeling, cracking, and rot. Roofs are infamously expensive to both repair and replace while regular pressure washing is not. Pressure washing a roof twice a year will free it from debris, pests, and all the other things that contribute to its degradation. These periodic treatments will also extend the life of a roof and can protect it against damage.

Patio Cleanings

Patios are wonderful places where homeowners can host parties, relax under the night sky, BBQ, dry off after a vigorous swim, and create a whole host of other memories with their family and friends. Being that patios are so frequently utilized, it makes sense that they would become dirty and quickly to boot. Cleaning them isn't an easy affair either as all of the previously listed activities can leave stains and build up that is burdensome to remove. When you add pests, solid and liquid spills, and decaying leaves they only become more difficult to clean. The effort required to effectively restore a patio or deck to a usable state is so great that it often dissuades homeowners from even trying. Sure they may sweep and pick up refuse but patios and decks will require professional pressure washing if they are to be properly cleaned and kept in an attractive and fresh state. Normally, patios need a pressure washing treatment only twice a year but again, that recommendation changes with frequency of use, length of neglect, environment, etc.

Why Choose Stanley

Stanley Window Care might be known best for our unparalleled window cleaning services but we have also been pressure washing homes for years and to great effect too. Our Orange County pressure washing customers can expect the same fantastic service and results that our window customers receive. Our pressure washing services also carry the same guarantee found in our window cleaning service. Should any customer find themselves dissatisfied with our work we will return to their home and rework their home at no additional cost.

At Stanley Window Care we value customer service and satisfaction above all else and are constantly striving to exceed the expectations of our customers. We utilize state of the art industrial grade pressure washing equipment and all of our employees have passed exhaustive background checks before being sent out to work. Let us help you make your home look great!