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Window Cleaning Service

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Orange County Residential Window Cleaning

Clean and sparkling windows are a thing of true beauty. Properly maintained windows will also give home and business owners great control over climate as well as atmosphere. Allowing just the right amount of light in and out of a particular room, home, or commercial building is an essential part of setting moods, tones, and keeping morale high in professional spaces.

Keeping windows clean so that you can take advantage of all they bring to the table isn't always a simple task. In fact, even those windows that have been properly cared for are still difficult to clean. This is because both the interior and exterior of windows not only act as eye candy but they exist to protect people, residences, and buildings from pets, heat, cold, wind, among other things. As the first line of defense against the elements, windows become sullied rather quickly and when left neglected for even short periods of time can take on excessive amounts of debris. Over time loose debris can settle on a window and become mulish grime and gunk becoming intransigent and requiring specialized tools to remove. The dirtier windows become, the longer it takes to clean and restore them though even well kept windows take considerable effort and time to clean.

Orange County residential window cleaning professionals recommend that windows receive experienced care on a biannual basis at minimum though this recommendation is often adjusted for neglected windows and those that reside in climates where inclement or extreme weather are the norm. Professionals also urge their customers to lightly clean and/or touch up their windows in between professional cleanings in order to keep costs low, their windows looking great, and to avoid the damage that sometimes accompanies unkempt windows.

Many home and business owners balk at the idea of hiring a professional window cleaner for a variety of reasons. Chief among these is the erroneous belief that such services are only for large corporations and wealthy homeowners. In reality the cost of a professional window cleaning service is paltry, especially when compared to what is required to do the job on your own, the lackluster results laypersons often produce, and the sheer amount of time it takes to tackle such a job. Two story homes and multi-storied commercial buildings can be nightmarish and even impossible to clean without the right tools and training. When you hire a professional window cleaning service they arrive on site trained, with experience, and of course all the tools and cleaning solutions needed to do a thorough and pleasing job. Safety should also be of great concern to persons wishing to clean their windows themselves. Jobs that require ladders or high temperature pressure washers are particularly dangerous as are those that mandate the use of lifts or a scaffolding. It may be very tempting to try and clean your windows yourself but you are doing both yourself and your windows a favor by hiring professionals.

Orange County Residential Window Cleaning Services

Stanley Window Care offers residential services to residents all over Southern California though most are concentrated in the Orange County area. We clean homes both large and small and those with a great deal of and very few windows. We are a fully equipped residential window cleaning service and arrive on scene prepared for any scenario. In the vast majority of cases, we can complete work on a home quickly, finishing in a matter of hours as opposed to the days it often takes homeowners to complete the work. There are rare instances however where our work is impeded by bedraggled windows though our talented and experienced team will overcome any obstinate obstacles that might plague a home's windows.

In cleaning the windows of a residence, Stanley Window Care address the needs of both their interiors as well as their exteriors. Cleaning one and not the other is tantamount to pure folly and defeats the purpose of cleaning them at all. Both sides of a window feature different challenges to our team and should be addressed on a regular basis, i.e., whenever we visit. While window exteriors might feature the standard streaks, spots, dead pests, mold, and caked on dirt, window interiors can hold onto stains, household odors, copious amounts of dust, and of course indoor pests. Stanley Window Care eliminates all of the aforementioned with state of the art tools, cleaning solutions, and a cornucopia of experience.

While most homeowners and some professionals might focus solely on the glass portion of a window, window tracts and sills also require periodic cleaning as well. Stanley Window Care addresses the complete needs of your home's windows and will leave sills, frames, and tracts in fantastic form. Stanley Window Care's residential window cleaning services are surprisingly inexpensive and we normally charge by the total amount of space covered in cleaning, ala, square footage.

Our residential window cleaning services can be utilized by not only long standing homeowners and those in need of a thorough cleaning but by landlords whose tenants have recently moved out, renters who want to go the extra mile in an effort to get their security deposit back, and even those whom are moving into a recently purchased home. In addition to serving every type of home owner, lessee, landlord, etc. Stanley Window Care also offers flexible scheduling so that your windows can be clean when it's most convenient for you. We can perform our work while you are home, while you are away, in an emergency, at virtually any time of day, and even on the weekends. Customer service and satisfaction are our top priorities and this is just one way we work to ensure our customers are happy.

Outside Windows

The outside of your home is the first thing you, visitors, and potential buyers see. Your home's windows are a big part of your home's exterior presentation which the vast majority of homeowners want to be fantastic. Additionally, Home Owners Associations require homes to meet very stringent criteria for cleanliness and public presentation. Stanley Window Care helps homeowners make their home's exteriors look wonderful via the best residential window cleaning service in SoCal. No matter the size of your home, how many stories it features, or how many windows it has our team will have your exterior windows shining and highly reflective...just as they were when they were new. More to the point, we work quickly and can help in raising a home above the standards of both their owners and their associations.

If you're a homeowner who has resided in their home for years or even decades our residential window cleaning services will please you and breathe some life back into your home. If you're moving into a home that you recently purchased, you can hire Stanley Window Care to assist you in making your newly purchased home your own. Professionally cleaned windows at a residence can help establish and maintain an atmosphere and help keep heating and AC costs down. Perhaps you aren't any of these and instead a homeowner who is planning on putting his/her home on the market. If you are such a person you'll be happy to know that clean exterior windows seriously boost curb appeal which can help you get better offers from potential buyers.

Interior Windows

A home's interior windows are often overlooked by the do-it-yourselfer and sometimes professionals. That's not the case with Stanley Window Care. Interior window cleanings are just as necessary and valuable as are exterior cleanings. We take great care in the cleaning of a home's interior windows and can remove the most stubborn of debris from an indoor window. Pests, smudges, streaks, kiddie hand prints, pet stains, and odors are eradicated with ease by our staff. When a home's interior windows are cleaned, carefully crafted ambiances can be established or restored and can be helpful in regulating temperature year round. In addition to the aforementioned, Stanley Window Care utilizes only non toxic chemicals in its residential work. This means that our tools and cleaning solutions pose no risk to your home, furniture, flooring, pets, nor children. Our eco-friendly approach to window cleaning is one of the things people love most about our services.

Screen Cleaning

A second oft overlooked if not outright ignored aspect of residential window cleaning is the cleaning of window screens. It matters not how well cleaned a professional may leave a window, if its screen isn't cleaned it's money and time out the window as the window will quickly become sullied by all of the debris present on its filthy screen. Always be wary of window cleaning services that don't have a service that addresses the needs of your home's window screens. Stanley Window Care not only cleans the windows of a residence but its screens as well. Should a particular screen require repair we can do that as well. Ensuring that a home's screens are clean is a vital part of the window cleaning process. We leave window screens as clean as they were the day they were installed which in turn helps protects your recently cleaned windows against future dross and even damage.

Why Choose Stanley Window Care?

There are any number of legitimate Orange County residential window cleaning services out there. Moreover it can be difficult to ascertain which companies are reputable, which ones produce good results, and which ones will care for you and your home best. At Stanley Window Care customer care and satisfaction stand above all else in our approach to business. We aren't satisfied unless you are and we go to great lengths to ensure that everyone whom hires us and allows us the privilege of cleaning their home's windows is happy at job's end.

For starters our owners are always on site and work alongside our employees to ensure both quality and efficiency of work. They are also available to address any questions and concerns that might arise during the cleaning of their windows. Secondly but no less important, all of Stanley Window Care's employees are put through a rigorous and comprehensive background check and then receive extensive training long before they are ever sent to your home to clean your windows. Our customers expect the best and we want to deliver in that regard. Doing so provides you, the customer, with unprecedented peace of mind and it helps to foster trust in us as your window cleaner.

In addition to placing owners at every job site and hiring only the most qualified and experienced of individuals, Stanley Window Care offers a generous guarantee to further ensure our customers remain satisfied. Should any customer find themselves unhappy with our work we will return to re-clean their windows at no additional cost. This guarantee goes hand in hand with our 7 day rain guarantee which sees us do the same in the event it rains within 7 days of us completing work and the ensuing precipitation undoes what we did.

Stanley Window Care never charges prospective customers nor curious persons for a quote. All quotes given are free and come without any obligation whatsoever. We can give quotes via phone, email, and of course after visiting your home for a proper assessment of the work ahead so there's never any harm in contacting us to see if and how we might be able to help you make your home look its best.