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Types Of Windows And Glass

Although many people don't think of them often windows are a major part of not only a home's decor but they can also make a home energy efficient and can be part of home improvement or renovation project. Additionally windows are made in a wide array of shapes, sizes, designs, and often utilize a number of different building materials. When the need for window replacement arises or a homeowner has a desire to undertake an improvement or renovation project they must put great care in selecting the right windows for their home. Homeowners must consider the architectural design of their home and any existing decor first and foremost. No homeowner wants to buy windows that will stand in direct contrast to their home. With that first consideration out-of-the-way homeowners are then free to begin mulling over the many different types of windows that are available.

The most commonly installed type of windows are those that are square. Not only are these windows usually abundantly available but they are sometimes the most affordable type though they may not always carry the quality a homeowner wants. Moreover square windows, because they are so common, might become boring and dreary after just a short amount of time in the eyes of those who install them in their homes. Fortunately windows are available that feature a plethora of geometric shapes and sizes. There are also many different types of glass that are used in the construction of windows and homeowners need to be aware of those as well. Selecting the right type of glass in conjunction with the right shape can make a home look fantastic.

Jalousie Windows

Jalousie windows are an excellent choice for homeowners who want their windows to have a vintage look. These types of windows were utilized heavily in the late 19th century right on through to the middle of the last century. There are those that refer to these types of windows as accordion windows simply because of the way they open and close. Homeowners concerned with maintenance needn't worry as Jalousie windows can be cleaned relatively easily on both sides just by opening them up. Jalousie windows are often found in bedrooms, lounges, and even dens.

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are popular amongst homeowners who aim to keep their rooms well ventilated. This means that these types of windows are often found in bedrooms, game rooms, and sometimes living rooms. Double hung windows featuring as upper sash that can be slid up so that one half of the window can be moved either up or down. Cleaning these types of windows often proves challenging for homeowners though a professional window cleaner can complete the job with relative ease.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are often thought of as the upper crust of the window world. This is because they are often used and seen in stylized rooms. They can also be found in large rooms or homeowners want to allow a good bit of light in or enjoy a measurable view of the outside world from within. While they windows do not open and close as their brethren do their curved and stylized nature makes them extremely popular amongst homeowners. Maintenance wise, these windows are fairly easy to keep clean though those that incorporate tiled glass may require the care professional if for no other reason than it can be time-consuming clean those types of Windows.

Choices And More Choices

These are the three most popular types of windows amongst homeowners involved in a renovation or remodeling project. There are many other types of windows and many other types of glass however it is important for homeowners to educate themselves as much as possible prior to any purchase. Homeowners should take into consideration things like maintenance requirements, durability, quality, cost, and above all others, home compatibility. Homeowners can also opt to contact professionals who clean windows for advice on which types of windows and glass work will best for their home.

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