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Commercial buildings are places of business and therefore must be kept in tip top shape day in and day out. Both owners of commercial office buildings and business owners go to great lengths to ensure that their building or office looks their best every day. One common practice is the hiring of floor cleaners and janitorial services that arrive at night to clean and prepare a commercial building for its next day of operation. Another involves hiring landscapers or gardeners so as to keep the outside of a business looking tidy, clean, and well kept. A third option individuals have is to hire Orange County commercial window cleaners. Professional window and glass cleaners possess all of the tools needed to leave a commercial building sparkling and resplendent. Moreover professional window cleaners address the needs of both window exteriors as well as their interiors and can complete their work quickly without ever disrupting a business’ operation.

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In order to properly clean commercial buildings, professional window cleaning firms must be in possession of equipment that will allow them to reach multiple stories and out of the way places. Stanley Window Care not only utilizes poles and extenders in their commercial window washing work but specialized ladders, lifts, and scaffolding as well. Our team arrives at your commercial location with everything it needs to clean all of your windows both inside and out. Generally speaking, we will visit your building before we begin work in order to determine exactly what equipment will be needed so that there are no delays in our work.

Stanley Window Care also utilizes state of the art window cleaning equipment at all of it’s jobs. This includes everything from complex pressure washing equipment to simple squeegees and soft cloths. Spray bottles are holstered to every one of our employees as are all their other tools. These tool belts save time by eliminating the need to climb up and down ladders as additional tools/items are needed. Moreover we carry our own refuse containers so that we don’t have to sully your place of business with our garbage and waste. When our team works on the interiors of your commercial buildings booties are worn so as to keep your business’ flooring clean. We will also lay down protective coverings whilst working indoors so that our work produces no collateral damage.



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