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There a multitude of surfaces that can benefit from an industrial grade pressure washing. Everything from driveways and walkways to brick walls and parking structures can once more be made fresh by way of a professional pressure washing. Over time the exterior surfaces of a home or commercial building can become riddled with debris of all types. Left neglected, this debris dries, is absorbed, and then dulls and sullies dwellings and places of business. Stucco walls are a prime example of this as they tend to stain quickly and maintain a lusterless or pale showing. Driveways are yet another example of a surface that endures a lot abuse and can benefit tremendously from pressure washing. Tire marks, engine drippings, oils, etc are all easily eradicated by professional pressure washing equipment.

Stanley Cleaning Solutions utilizes only the very best in terms of pressure washing equipment. Furthermore our employees are all thoroughly trained in using this equipment both to ensure safety and quality of work. Our comprehensive pressure washing services will always leave your home/place of business looking its best.

Pressure washing before and after

Homes must be maintained if they are to continue looking their best. While many homeowners focus on solely the interiors of their homes, the outsides of their homes should also receive care on a regular basis. This care includes keeping its surfaces clean, which pressure washing addresses directly and with great force. Areas such as walkways and driveways become muddied by vehicular and foot traffic. Both cars and shoes/feet leave behind oils, dirt, and of course the stray debris they pick up en route to such places. Furthermore walls and other structures made of brick dull over time as they endure not only human contact but pests and weather as well. A home’s stucco walls eventually play host to insects, mud, stains, and even mold.

  • Remove dirt, oil, and stains from your driveway or patio
  • Enhance the look of your home by cleaning the outside walls
  • Eco-friendly, minimal chemicals are used when we pressure wash
  • Clean off years of dirt with our roof cleaning service


First impressions are everything in business and you normally don’t get a second chance at earning a potential customer’s trust/business. This is why it’s imperative to keep your office or place of work looking as clean and as professional as possible.¬†

Stanley Cleaning Solutions adheres to a different set of standards however. We value customer satisfaction and service above all else. If our customers are not satisfied neither are we. To ensure the highest levels of satisfaction we do exhaustive background checks on all prospective employees, place owners at every job site, and put all new hires through extensive and rigorous training. Not only that but we are licensed, bonded, and insured for the safety of our clients. 

  • ¬†Industrial grade pressure washing machine
  • Clean exterior surfaces of office buildings
  • Restaurant drive thru and parking lots
  • More than 20 years of experience in pressure washing
  • Remove dirt, debris, oil, and stains from parking structures, walk-ways
  • We can also remove graffiti with our restoration services
See the difference on this roof after just one blast of our pressure washer