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Orange County Awning Cleaning

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Orange County Awning Cleaning

Though they may not seem it at first glance or thought, awnings are an integral part of any home they belong to. The purpose of awnings is actually 3 fold. First and perhaps most importantly, they function as the first line of defense against sun, wind, and even falling debris. Incoming sunlight can damage not just outdoor furniture but indoor furniture and flooring as well. This sunlight also heats a home but with an awning standing between a home and that giant star in the sky, temperatures can be better regulated which in turn leads to a more comfortable home. Secondly, awnings provide homeowners and their guests with a comfortable spot in which they can sit and enjoy the outdoors. Homeowners can sit under their awnings while keeping an eye and ear out for their frolicking children, while they BBQ, and of course when they need a break from the pool but aren't ready to head inside. Lastly, awnings add flair and value to a home. Awnings come in a variety of sizes, shapes, styles, colors, and textures which makes them easy to add to any home. Generally speaking, homes that feature awnings appear more attractive to home buyers as they tend to up the curb appeal of the homes they're attached to.

All of the aforementioned considered, it's incredibly important to keep awnings maintained. Sadly, most homeowners neglect their awnings simply because they forget about them after they've been installed. This is both a shame and dangerous however as over time awnings not only become dirty but can become a home for birds and even household pets. Awnings that sit under trees for example not only become riddled with pests when they're not cared for properly but they may also become damaged and immovable once branches begin falling on top of them. There are those who want to clean their awnings but don't either because they don't have the tools to do the job or they're afraid of getting hurt while working above them. Fortunately for homeowners there exists the professional awning cleaner. These professionals not only know exactly how to clean the various types of awnings out there but possess the tools to do the job thoroughly, quickly, and safely. No homeowner should allow their awnings to fall into neglect or a state of disrepair when there are affordable and professional solutions available to them.

What Are The Benefits Of A Professional Orange County Awning Cleaning?

As is the case with many other things, laypersons will attempt to save themselves money and time by cleaning their awnings themselves. Unfortunately, the results they end up with always fall well short of what a professional is able to achieve. More to the point, professional awning cleaners are well trained in their craft, meaning they work safely, quickly, and leave awnings looking like new.

In addition to the results they produce professional awning cleaners will also save homeowners money. Ok sure, they don't work for free but the amount of money laypersons would need to spend on proper tools costs a great deal more than does hiring a professional for a day. There's also the issue of time. When homeowners clean their awnings themselves, they often spend hours upon hours on the job. Conversely, professionals utilize industrial grade tools and therefore complete their work in a much shorter span of time. Whereas a homeowner may spend an entire day on his/her awnings, a professional will need only a few hours to complete work on awnings that cover an entire home.

Who Needs A Professional Orange County Awning Cleaner?

How Often Should Awnings Be Professionally Cleaned?

Professional awning cleaners recommend that home and business owners have their awnings cleaned twice a year. Of course those buildings that reside in climates where there is an abundance of wind, extreme temperatures, and precipitation, will need visits from a professional quarterly and sometimes even more frequently. Speaking with such persons and getting an assessment will tell a home or business owner just how often they'll need to have their awnings professionally cleaned.

How Are Awnings Cleaned?

There are a number of smaller tools involved in professional awning cleaning though the main piece of equipment used is the industrial grade pressure washer. This machine uses extremely hot water and a mixture of cleaning solutions that not only clean awnings but protect them against further damage and debris as well. The process begins with an assessment and from there a professional cleaner will devise a “plan of attack”. From here the ladders come out and the pressure washer is turned on. The chemicals used are eco-friendly and are safe for children and pets. Once the awnings have been cleaned and rinsed the protective solutions are applied and after that, well they're simply left to dry.

Contact A Professional Orange County Awning Cleaner Today

Like nearly everything else on or around a home, awnings grow dirtier every day. The filthier they become, the more difficult they become to clean and the dingier they look; casting a dark shadow over their homes and businesses. Here at Stanley Window Care we offer no obligation quotes, can work around your schedule, and want to help make your home or business look the best it can. Contact us today and allow our personable and knowledgeable staff to answer your questions and get your first cleaning booked!