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Roof Cleaning Orange County

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Roof Cleaning Orange County

Roof cleaning in Orange County by the professionals at Stanley Window Care. More than 20 years of pressure washing experience and we make getting your roof cleaned made easy.They're not often given much thought but the roofs of our homes are extremely important. The roofs on our homes act as a first line of defense against weather, climate, and even pests. They are essential for both our safety and comfort and therefore deserve serious consideration when we set about thoroughly cleaning our homes. Sadly however most of us are going to place 98% of our focus on the interiors of our homes; making sure our floors, counter tops, and fixtures are clean. Left neglected long enough, a roof will begin to break down and may become a home to pests. Moreover, neglected roofs become far less efficient at controlling the climate within a home which leads to greater AC/heating use and more money out of our pockets. Aesthetically speaking, keeping our roofs clean keeps the curb appeal of our homes high and it can also help protect a roof from more serious wear and tear.

Benefits Of Roof Cleaning

Who Needs Roof Cleaning?

There are multitudes of persons who need the services of a professional roof cleaner. Some of these include:

Regardless of their socio-economic class, people need professional roof cleaning services. Their homes may be small or large, they may own a place of business in a busy shopping center, or they may be looking to move into a new residence but regardless, they'll all need a roof cleaner at some point. Keeping the roofs of homes and places of business clean not only keeps these places looking clean and/or professional but it also helps protect the buildings they're a part of as well. Cleaning a roof today negates the need for expensive repairs and replacements later.

How Often Do I Need Roof Cleaning?

How often you need your roof cleaned will depend on a number of variables though most professionals recommend that it be done twice a year. Bi-annual cleanings keep roofs free of debris, pests, and can severely diminish the possibility of damage over time. Much like visiting the doctor for a physical once a year, professional roof cleaning functions as a type of preventative maintenance and professionals can also catch issues early before they become costly or irreparable problems. Of course long neglected roofs, those that see a lot of inclement weather, and those covered in debris may need more frequent visits from professionals.

How It's Done

The first thing that's done when we arrive on a job site is to assess what lies ahead of us. We determine exactly what type and level of cleaning is needed as well as how long the job will take to complete and even where we want to start. Once our initial assessment has been completed we begin our work by rinsing your roof with high powered water. This water comes directly from our industrial grade pressure washers and this first step removes loose debris from your roof. It also helps bring stubborn dirt, mold, and stains closer to the surface of your roof. After your roof has been adequately rinsed and saturated our pressure washers go to work deep cleaning your roof. This level of cleaning includes specialized solutions that lift and remove all the things that sully, dull, and damage a roof. Shortly after this step has been completed we once more rinse your roof which washes away everything that has just been lifted. The last step in our cleaning process involves us applying a protective solution to your roof. This, like all other steps is in the process is handled by our pressure washers. Once this solutions is generously applied our job is finished.

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