One of Orange County’s leading window cleaning companies, Stanley Window Care, ensures clients and employees remain safe by outlining mandatory safety guidelines.

Orange County, California – Stanley Window Care has announced a couple of mandatory safety procedures to be followed by all employees. The new rules in place are in line with California’s current laws making it mandatory for everyone to wear masks, stand 6-feet apart, use hand sanitizers, and wear gloves. Stanley Window Care acknowledged that while it was “…important for businesses in the state to open, it is imperative that businesses ensure the safety of their clients and employees alike by taking every safety precaution possible.”

As businesses in many cities like Orange County California begin to open, the state requires that businesses create a low-risk, safer environment for everyone. California published an Employer Playbook to help businesses prepare and plan for reopening. The ‘playbook’ details measures that businesses need to take to ensure everyone remains safe while still being able to operate as vaccines begin to roll out.

Businesses are also advised to ensure that employees are supported in terms of workplace flexibility. Employees with COVID-19 or those suspected of having it should remain at home. So, sick leave policies need to support what could be extra time at home. Stanley Window Care has said that the company is committed to ensuring everyone’s safety by strictly following the guidelines provided by the California state government.

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“We understand that the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting lockdowns haven’t been easy for anyone, including many of our employees. However, we are as committed to ensuring a safe workplace and client safety as we are eager to get back to work.” Said a spokesperson for Stanley Window Care.
She added, “We have made it mandatory for everyone to wear masks, gloves, use hand sanitizer when in the field, and maintain the mandated 6ft distance from other people. We make sure that our employees are well versed in taking all the required safety precautions, while we are ensuring that employees who complain of not feeling well get as much time as they need to recover.”

Like many other businesses that are slowly opening up in Orange County, Stanley Window Care ensures that they are compliant with all present COVID-19 safety measures. The company has said that the guidelines will be changed to reflect any changes to California state law regarding COVID-19 safety.


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