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Window Cleaning Service

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Orange County Window Cleaning Service

Stanley Window Care has cleaned thousands of residential and commercial windows since it began back in 1995. We have refined our cleaning process over the years to provide outstanding results with owners being at every site also using drop towels and wearing booties to take extra care of your home. We also do the little things that are not so little to your window's appearance such as window frames, window tracks, window sills, and window screens. We only use the finest tools and products to work in your home.

Cleaning windows is a daunting task marked by hours of work, a number of tools, cleaning solutions, and often times a great deal of frustration. Even after dedicating an entire weekend to cleaning their windows individuals often walk away from windows full of streaks and spots despite their best efforts. This is because an armature window cleaner focuses solely on the end result and regularly overlooks using the right tools, cleaning solutions, and proper technique. Clean windows on a home and a place of business go a long way in terms of warmth and professionalism so ensuring the work is done right the first time is paramount.

At Stanley Cleaning Solutions we offer the most comprehensive window cleaning services in all of Orange County. Not only do we employ only the most experienced of window cleaners but we utilize industrial grade state of the art window cleaning equipment. Everything from the simple squeegee to the more complex scissor lift are meticulously chosen by our owners so as to serve our customers best. Our owners are always on site to ensure both quality of work and customer satisfaction which in turn provides you, the customer, with great peace of mind. Additionally, Stanley Cleaning Solutions is licensed, bonded, and insured for your protection.

Residential Window Cleaning

A home's windows may not be everything but windows that shine and glimmer certainly add a great deal of curb appeal to a home. Curb appeal is especially important to those whom plan to put their home on the market and to those homeowners that take great pride in their homes. Clean windows also craft atmosphere in a home and can make them more efficient when it comes to climate control. Left neglected, windows can dull and lose their shine, in turn taking something away from both the exterior and interior of a home.

Stanley Cleaning Solutions has been helping homeowners keep their windows clean for over a decade. Through the use of high grade tools, a great deal of experience, and plenty of care and respect, we not only clean windows but we restore them to a new-like state. We address the needs of both a home's exterior and interior panes so as to ensure a home's windows look resplendent. After a home's windows have been thoroughly cleaned we add a protectant to them in order to keep them shinning in between visits from a professional and so that they are easier to maintain in the interim.

Commercial Window Cleaning

As a professional you have just one chance to make a great first impression. Long before your customers ever meet you they will first see the building in which you work. The exterior of your office often serves as this first impression and as such you'll want to ensure that it looks fantastic. A big part of making a commercial building look its best is keeping its windows clean. Windows that are part of a commercial structure should always sparkle, shine, and be streak and spot free. This is especially true of a businesses interior windows. An unobstructed view to the outside world can add warmth to the interior of an office or workspace and both impress customers and keep employee morale at healthy a level.

Stanley Cleaning Solutions is Orange County's premier commercial window cleaning firm and has been servicing building owners, landlords, business owners, and managers for over a decade. We utilize various types of lifts, poles, and when necessary scaffolding to clean and restore even the tallest building's windows. Our primary goal is customer satisfaction and as such we place one of our owners at every job site to ensure work rolls along both smoothly and quickly. Our staff of experienced window cleaners give your commercial building the type of care and respect they would give their own as well.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Being that our number one goal at Stanley Cleaning Solutions is customer satisfaction we go to great lengths to ensure it. In fact so important is your satisfaction that are guarantee it. Should any customer every find themselves dissatisfied with what we produce we will return at no additional cost and redo our work. This guarantee applies to both our residential and commercial clients. By hiring only the most qualified of applicants and training new employees rigorously before sending them to any job site, we further ensure the highest quality of work and customer satisfaction. Our owners are at ever job to oversee work and to instill home and business owners with a strong sense of confidence.

In addition to all of the aforementioned, Stanley Cleaning Solutions is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. This protects our customers and makes us legally liable for all of the work we do. Our staff is knowledgeable, personable, professional and always arrive uniformed and in easily identifiable vehicles. We take great pride in making windows look their very best and we understand just how important it is that they do.